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We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk, too.

As an event sustainability consultancy, it's paramount to our business vision that we implement the solutions we recommend to our clients. Here's a bit about our own sustainability journey: 

Our 2023 Annual Impact Report

2023 was our first full year of trading, and we are so proud of what we have achieved in that time! You can download and read our full annual report here.

Our purpose is to make the World Better, one sustainable event at a time

At Worlds Better, our mission is to help clients and the events industry to produce far more sustainable events. We plan to achieve this by creating radical compound global change by furthering our science, sharing knowledge widely and empowering so many people to produce sustainable, positive impact events as the norm, rather than the exception. To help us to achieve this mission, we want to share some of the work we are doing within our own business to improve our processes, knowledge and ultimately create something that is beneficial to our community and our environment. 

Abstract Clouds

Our commitments to sustainability


Our team are Carbon Literate

All Worlds Better full time employees are trained and certified as Carbon Literate. As part of this certification, each team member must make pledges to build into the business strategy. You can read our pledges here. With this certification, our team understands climate change and how to communicate this. 


Our Roadmap to Net Zero

Our goal is to exceed the Paris Agreement targets and have set ourselves the following targets. Instead, we plan to reach a 25% reduction by the end of 2025, a 50% reduction by 2028 and Net Zero by 2040.


We have joined the Carbon Accounting Alliance

The Carbon Accounting Alliance is a coalition of carbon accountants (the people who measure carbon emissions) to share data, learnings and also spark more widespread change through supporting new policies and guidance. As a member of the alliance, we are wholly dedicated to collaboration over competition when it comes to working to reduce the impacts of the climate crisis. 


What's next? 

  • We have started our B Corp application and hope to achieve certification in 2024.

  • We are currently building our baseline to set our Science Based Targets with the SBTi. 

  • We are working towards ISO 14001 certification for business operations. 

  • We will be offsetting 150% of Worlds Better's emissions each year, for the next 10 years. 

Our badges of honour

Our values

When it comes to exemplifying sustainability, our Worlds Better values are at the core of how we are achieving our roadmap to net zero. 


We help foster collaboration with event organisers, suppliers, clients and stakeholders to collectively work towards delivering sustainable event practices.


We are positive and full of energy. We have the tools, experience and ideas to approach the problems we face. We are flexible – and can support your business achieve its objectives, whatever they may be.

Data Driven

We are curious and inquisitive. We have a thirst for science and data. It’s important to us that we can stand by our work, so we back it up with examples, statistics, data, proof.


We are transparent, honest and ethical. We empower our clients with sustainable solutions rooted in unwavering integrity for a better world.


What's the point in existing if you don’t enjoy your work, like your colleagues and fulfil your inner purpose? We’re a fun and caring bunch that support and appreciate each other.