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HP Industrial

Tradeshow Programme Sustainability Consultancy & Carbon Measurement

Worlds Better was tasked with establishing HP Industrial's (HPI) baseline tradeshow programme carbon impact, uncovering high intensity areas and advising on realistic reductions with business goals in mind. 

We measured HPI’s carbon and waste impact at three tradeshows across the U.S and Europe, including at the world industry leading event, spanning nine live days and welcoming over 260,000 visitors. 

We worked with HPI’s logistics, marketing and in-house sustainability teams to support company-wide collaboration, bringing sustainability considerations to the forefront for department decision makers. 

Worlds Better delivered the following for HP Industrial:

  • Measured HPI’s carbon footprint and waste across three international tradeshows. 

  • Developed a reduction strategy and recommendations for improved tradeshow performance led by data insight. 

  • Conducted scenario analysis to support lowest impact decision making. For example, in one instance, 992 tCO2e was saved through reviewing and comparing carpet and flooring options. 

  • Set sustainability objectives and look at where we could make significant emissions savings at early project planning stages.

  • Found stories to tell to demonstrate HPI’s achievements with an idea to inspire industry level change and use data to position HPI as industry leaders in sustainability. 

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