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Worlds Better’s work with Identity

Since we started working with Identity in February 2023, we have developed a collaborative relationship that we are very proud of. Working closely with members of the Identity team, we have:

  • Calculated Identity’s 2023 Annual Carbon Emissions.

  • Built a Roadmap to Net Zero for Identity’s business operations and event deliveries to see them consistently reduce emissions and waste year on year to achieve their overall reduction targets.

  • Supported on client projects to deliver on client sustainability objectives including ISO 20121 and PAS 2060 certifications.

  • Supported Identity in building their brand image as a thought leader in sustainability; to share best practices and engage with the wider events industry.

In a recent ‘fireside chat’ between our founder, Chrissie Beck, and Identity’s Executive Project Director and Sustainability Director, Faye Priestley, the two discussed the progress made throughout last year to deliver Identity’s sustainability goals.

Here are our highlights!

What do you think are common challenges in delivering large scale international events responsibly and sustainably? 

  • Knowing where to start and understanding where responsibility sits is a big challenge. It can be overwhelming to know what to prioritise.

  • Stakeholder engagement. Ensuring buy-in across all levels and accessibility to training and education to guide stakeholders on this journey is key. We must keep communication open!

  • It is often viewed as a hurdle day-to-day. Working with the delivery teams is essential to buy-in and engagement in the whole process.

How have Chrissie and the Worlds Better team helped Identity tackle those challenges?


  • Providing the science behind the data and the decisions – clearly mapping out emissions and the guidance of activities to undertake to move forward.

  • Helping the team to understand the data themselves and understand their biggest impacts and feel that they understand how and where to make changes.

  • Building a process to check back on data collection periodically to ensure targets are met, and that the Roadmap to Net Zero is being followed.

  • Simplifying sustainability by making it more relatable, accessible, and making Identity’s Sustainability Philosophy an actionable and clear methodology.

What would be your advice to other agencies who might not be sure how to start their sustainability journey?

  • Just start! It’s never too late

  • Take it to the top, leaders must be on-board

  • Look to your team and find out if there are any initiatives or champions that you can lean on

  • Reach out to a consultant, they will make the whole process much simpler!

What can you see for the future of sustainability for Identity and generally for the events industry? 

  • We need clarity to meet ambitions

  • Sustainability will become part of business-as-usual options and processes

  • Carbon reporting will become mandatory

  • Sustainability risk assessment should sit alongside risk assessments for health and safety

  • Industry-wide targets should be set

As Faye mentions in the clip below, sustainability equates to happiness, and working with Faye, Ash and the rest of the Identity team has made us very happy in 2023, as we love working with likeminded people who are as passionate about sustainability as we are throughout 2024 and beyond!

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