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Why does sustainability in events matter?

It may seem like a passing trend, but the good news is that sustainable event management is on the increase and is here to stay. So why, as a busy event professional, should you be opting to make your event more sustainable?

The environmental impact & legacy

The most obvious answer is to minimise the environmental impact, help to cut CO2e emissions, and reduce waste. But moreover, sustainable events can support local economies. By choosing local volunteers and staff, eco-friendly local suppliers and supporting local initiatives, you can provide a community an economic boost.

Building a transparent and trustworthy brand

Sustainable event management is important because it keeps ethics and values at the forefront of your event strategy. Companies that encourage sustainable practice are seen to prioritise environmental and social values, and therefore garner more trust in their brand. It is an opportunity to create brand awareness for the right reasons!

Sustainable business is here to stay

Becoming a sustainable operation is rapidly evolving from a nice thing to do to an absolute must. Our commitment to a better planet, whether as a legal requirement or as a social responsibility, is only gaining more traction. Simply put, if you don’t become a leader in sustainable business practices, your competitors will beat you to it.

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