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Olio’s impactful approach to food waste in the event industry

Exciting news! Olio, originally developed to help redistribute unwanted household food, has stepped up to the challenge to tackle food surplus in the event industry.

A recent report on the event industry revealed that approximately one-third of event organisers admit to throwing away nearly 20% of food commissioned at their events*.

Planning food for the exact number of delegates can be challenging, particularly when considering larger events like multi-day conferences. The fear of food running out can lead to over-ordering just to ensure all delegates invited are fed, this often results in food waste. Olio has come up with a brilliant solution to encourage event organisers to take action and prevent surplus food from going to waste.

Image showing a variety of harvested vegetables

By teaming up with Olio, event organisers can make a positive impact ensuring that excess food finds its way to be used elsewhere rather than ending up in the bin. Olio’s ‘Food Waste Heroes’ volunteers are fully flexible and work around your business needs to collect your surplus food and share it with fellow ‘OLIOers’ in their local communities via the Olio app. From same-day pick-ups and reliable 24/7 collection, you can track how your event’s food surplus is making a difference in local communities and the planet, helping achieve your zero food waste targets and sustainability goals but also help create a brighter future for all.

Olio’s program offers an excellent opportunity to implement proactive measures and embrace practical solutions like these. By partnering with Olio, we can join forces as a collective to effectively minimise the amount of food wasted and significantly reduce the overall environmental footprint within our industry and planet.

An infographic on household waste, sharing that 33% of food produced globally is wasted, 50% of clothes in our  wardrobes are never worn, and 65% of greenhouse gases are caused by household consumption.
Statistics sourced from

If you’re interested in exploring how we can collaborate with Olio for your upcoming event, contact us by emailing

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