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Meet Worlds Better board member Simon Sá Feio!

Meet Worlds Better board member Simon Sá Feio!


Worlds Better started out in June 2022, with just Chrissie Beck leading the charge and working with our first few clients to support their sustainability journey. Since then, we’ve grown into a team of 6 people, with our board growing from just Chrissie to welcome Simon Sá Feio.


Simon brings a wealth of experience with him including 25+ years of experience across the marketing and communications mix including 12+ years of managing, owning and/or investing in successful event/marketing agencies and MarTech companies. His specialty is to support Founder Owners and start-up boards to realise the true potential of their endeavour.


Chrissie and Simon have a history together, having worked at an agency where Simon was Managing Director and Chrissie was an Event Producer. They always kept in touch, and when Chrissie asked Simon whether starting Worlds Better was a good idea that very day they started writing a business plan together. Having Simon on the Worlds Better board means we can ensure our strategic plans are always heading in the right direction, while working with our wonderful clients on achieving their sustainability objectives, and to importantly help the events industry transition towards a more sustainable future.


As well as Simon adding tremendous business value to Worlds Better, he is also very passionate about Health & Wellbeing. He’s a keen runner and a very amateur rugby player and youth rugby coach in his spare time.

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