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Lead the way as an Event Manager

It’s no secret that many industries are contributing negatively to climate change, and the events industry is no exception.

Events often involve the production of large amounts of waste and the use of energy-intensive equipment, as well as the transportation of event staff and guests. In addition, many of the materials used in events, such as plastics, create more waste that can take centuries to decompose. All of these factors have a direct and long-term impact on the environment.

Many organisations are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions. However, many corporations are still relying on carbon offsetting, which is highly critiqued for being economically unsustainable and only postponing the problem.

It is therefore essential for event planners, as individuals, to consider the environmental impacts of their activities, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise the negative environmental impacts of the industry. We encourage you to start now.

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