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3 tips for planning a sustainable event

Sustainable business is not only the future, it is also the present. And that includes the event industry.

Sustainable events are out there, being delivered by sustainably conscious brands and businesses.

Here are 3 tips you can consider when planning a sustainable in-person event:

Encourage Eco-Friendly Transportation

Travel can account for anywhere up to 90% of an event's total carbon emissions. Communicating the emissions for each way of travelling in advance of your event helps highlight how carbon heavy each method of transport is. Encourage your guests travel by carpooling, bus, tram, or train where possible. If your attendees need to travel internationally, can you encourage them to travel by international rail instead of plan? Or if they must travel by air, can they travel in economy rather than premium, business or first class? As an event organiser you can also help by recommending/choosing venues that are within close distance of the bulk of your attendees, and/or have excellent public transport connections.

Choose a Sustainable Menu

Serving vegetarian or vegan food can significantly impact your event's footprint. Work with caterers that offer fresh, sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients, and that have a comprehensive waste management system (such as donating leftover servings, and sorting recycling/reducing waste to landfill). Also avoid plastic water bottles and plastic straws and opt for jugs of water or refillable water stations.

Consider Circularity & Repurposing

Think closely about anything you are producing for your event, and what will happen to it after your event is complete. Work with production partners that can produce items from recycled and/or recyclable materials, and/or design and develop concepts that can be used multiple times. Hire furniture and décor instead of buying it. If you find yourself with left over items, companies like Event Cycle can redistribute to those that need it!

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