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Yellow Fish

Sustainability Policy development and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard Certification and Onboarding 

Yellow Fish are an international experiential and incentives agency with 23 staff. They approached Worlds Better to write and implement a Sustainability Policy, and then to gain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, both in business and service operations.

Worlds Better delivered the following for Yellow Fish:

  • Developed a Sustainability Policy incorporating the businesses sustainability goals and ambitions, and an implementation plan. Conducted training amongst the team to ensure their awareness of the policy, and new procedures and tools available to them to implement sustainable practices.

  • Identified ISO 14001 environmental aspects of the client's-controlled activities, products and services, as well as those it can influence and assess associated impacts from a life-cycle perspective.

  • Built out the Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the identified environmental aspects. Planned and implemented comprehensive process to identify gaps and review existing procedures, for enhanced control and management of activities

  • Alongside the leadership team, we developed policies, processes and communications on how to embed sustainable practices based on the commitments implemented

  • Conducted an internal audit to proactively identify and address potential issues, improve the effectiveness of the EMS and promote a culture of environmental responsibility throughout the organisation.

  • Gained certification with excellent feedback on the Sustainability Policy and EMS from ISO auditor.

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