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OVO Energy - Path to Zero Launch Event

Sustainable Event Delivery with Carbon & Waste ​Measurement

OVO Energy is a major energy provider, supplying green energy to over 4 million homes across the UK. 

Worlds Better worked with OVO Energy to deliver a low carbon impact event without compromising the guest experience. We measured the event carbon and waste footprint to gain insight in support of OVO's continued learning and reduction plans. 

The project saw us consider the environmental impact of every detail from event location and production, to catering and transport. The event welcomed 150 in person and 2,000 virtual guests.

We minimised the event's impact by implementing the following sustainable practices:

  • We only worked with sustainability conscious and local suppliers to minimise transport miles

  • We opted for a 100% plant-based menu and served filtered tap water in jugs reducing glass bottles

  • The decorative plants and foliage went back to their nursery after the event for reuse

  • Where printed materials were a must, we produced them using recycled and/or recyclable materials

  • Our waste was sorted on site and we recycled as much as we could resulting in just 0.7% of all waste going to landfill 

  • We reduced transport miles by consolidating deliveries and stripping back on production as much as possible  

  • We considered the design and materials of the four newly made exhibition stands, making them reusable 

  • We chose a central venue location, well connected by public transport to minimise private travel 

“As one of the UK’s leading green energy suppliers, we appointed Worlds Better to deliver a business-critical, sustainable event without compromising the overall guest experience. Despite a short lead-time and plenty of challenges and changes, the Worlds Better team delivered an brilliant event that exceeded our expectations. A delight to work with, the team applied sustainable considerations to everything from venue selection and catering, to each aspect of production and supplier coordination, resulting in an impressively low carbon and waste footprint. Worlds Better were brilliant partners to work with. Thanks Worlds Better!”  Jessica Cross Brown, Sustainability Communications Senior Manager, OVO

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