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Shelton Fleming Workshop

Discovery Workshop Development and Delivery

We worked with isla and events agency Shelton Fleming to build an interactive workshop for suppliers, agencies and clients to uncover how each can contribute to the pursuit of delivering more sustainable, eco-friendly and considered live events. 

In this project, we implemented the following:

  • Worked with the team to build out content that helped discover ways to approach the challenges each audience incurs.

  • Explored where influence/guidance/knowledge is required to help contribute to a more sustainable project cycle. 

  • Discovered how everyone involved can work collaboratively to deliver great work that produces less carbon emissions.

“Chrissie brings considerable experience and expertise to the table when embedding sustainable practices to any project delivery. Her dedication and understanding of our key objectives guided us to consider clear and effective actions that produced outstanding results. Both her skillset and energy seems limitless and has fuelled our team internally to expand in how we approach future project initiatives!” Ingrid Garzon Account Operations & Sustainability Officer, Shelton Fleming

“It was fantastic to join clients, Shelton Fleming and other suppliers to understand the sustainability challenges faced by all stakeholders within a project. Chrissie was an excellent facilitator, creating questions and scenarios to encourage everyone to consider their responsibilities within the process.” Workshop Attendee

Project Gallery

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