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In-House Event Team

Event Sustainability Consultancy & Carbon Measurement

Sustainability consultancy for a three-day meeting in Asia for 22 executive level guests, aiming to bring to life various dimensions of a brand strategy and business. In addition to the core group, 300 guests were involved at various other events over the duration of the visit – including staff engagements and external meetings with local politicians, stakeholders and customers. 


In this project we developed and implemented the following sustainable practices:

  • An approval process was mandatory for anyone wishing to travel to Asia to attend or contribute to this event, with the intention of limiting international travel to as little as possible.

  • Considered reduction in the amount of printed items produced – using digital signage and an app that contained all the event details instead of printed booklets.

  • Where printed materials were a must (for example name badges), we produced them using recycled and/or recyclable materials.

  • Any lanyards were specifically unbranded, so we could reuse them for future events.

  • We sourced as much as we could locally – such as ingredients for catering as well as using local suppliers.

  • The plants and florals in our conference rooms went back to their nursery after the event for re-use.

  • Our waste was sorted on site; so we recycled as much as we could.

  • As well as all these considerations, we tracked the data required to calculate our footprint and offset all carbon emissions produced.

“Working through many challenges and changes - and managing much complexity - Chrissie led the teams in delivering an event that was much appreciated and recognised as near-perfect by our VIPs. On top of this, Chrissie ensured the event was delivered as sustainably as possible - from media assets to travel arrangements and gifts. In particular Chrissie managed the process of measuring our carbon footprint and putting offsetting in place. Many thanks for the impeccable support!” Client

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